Why are you looking for sewer/cloth maker?

You need someone who replies to your needs quickly

You want your supplier to react quickly. You want your production to be ready at a place within 3-4 weeks.

You can't / don't want to produce in China

Are your orders not yet as big as Nike's nor H&M? You want to produce in EU to be sure that your products are safe and made in accordance with EU law?

You want to pay less than in Milan, but to keep quality

Your products must be high-quality, but you don't want to pay millions?

You want someone experienced, who may advise You

Someone, who will take care of your business, not just theirs. You are looking for helpful partners, not just sewers who don't care if you endure next year.

Colourful Rebel

Click on the photo to read the story of Colourful Rebel - one of our Clients, who grew up with us from blog selling printed seasonal t-shirts to well known Dutch brand selling hundreds of thousands of products yearly. We are proud to produce in Europe high-quality products, giving to brand owners reliability, excitement, and pride in there of what they do.

What do we give to our clients?


Our clients simply know, they will receive what they ordered in approved quality, in a set time, for a fixed price.


We just love to receive such emails: "ACCEPTED ACCEPTED ACCEPTED after adjustments 😉 REALLY NICE GUYS!!" "And thanks again for all the awesome samples we received." "ACCEPTED! 😉 Really nice job!!! Awesome. Thanks"


We make our clients proud of products they offer. The apparel, the adornment, addons, packaging. We are proud of our production - so you may be!

What will you get from us?


You may have ready products within 4 weeks. You may have samples within a week. You may react quickly. Don't need to wait months anymore.


You get products produced in Poland under EU regulations. You get quality control of each batch of production. You get quality during whole cooperation, not just at sampling.

Pro-sales approach

You may be sure, we do everything that your sale grows. Why? It's simple, the more you sell, the more you buy from us. Cooperating with us, you get our experience in producing and selling apparel, both B2B and B2C.


You will get your own products - from a fit, by design, adornment, addons, packaging in price rebranded Chinese products.


Our experienced constructor may make fitting according to your idea. You may also base on one of our fits.


If you need, our graphic designer may prepare designs based on your ideas or on your basics.


We produce one piece samples before production. We make both pre-production samples and photoshoot samples.


We may produce and attach to products neck labels, care labels, hangtags and others.


We produce different types of knitted fabrics in any colour you wish (MOQ - minimal order quantity may apply).


We may sew as low as 100 pieces per design (in different sizes) and as high as 50 000 pieces monthly.


Digital print, embroidery, allover print, applications, chenille, flock, 3d print, foil print and others.


Packing into branded packages, dividing shipments to different addresses.

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