16 marca 2018


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This is Chris Strus

He loves spending time with his family - wife and 3 children, flying paraglider and investing on finance market. But at work, he is happy to answer your inquiry. The more information he gets since beggining, the less questions he will ask to understand your needs 🙂

So, questions he will need to ask are:
Who are you? Why do you need clothes - do you sell apparel under your brand, you need quality products for your employees, you want to resell our products?

What are quantities of one order for one product (total quantity of all sizes)? How many products you wish to order in one year - 1000 pcs, 10 000 pcs, 100 000 pcs?

Do you already have designs you wish to have prepared or maybe an idea of products? If so, could you attach some files or describe the idea?

You may contact Chris using above formular or you may write a direct email to k.strus@strus.com.pl

Our full company data:

Registry data / Data for Invoice:

ul. Spokojna 5
05-502 Piaseczno
NIP: 1230034859
VAT No: PL1230034859
KRS / Registry No: 0000090856
REGON / Company No: 010949920

Office and warehouse:

Podole 12
05-600 Podole

Phone: +48 22 756 96 56